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Ve is the complete acquisition, engagement and analytics solution for 5,000 eCommerce brands. Smart solutions seamlessly integrate advertising and marketing technology to connect all the dots in the user journey, drawing on a rich mixture of data to provide you with a complete picture of what an individual is looking for, and why.


Build Ve’s first public roadmap.


A public product roadmap hosted on Trello which provides a glimpse into Ve’s future and shares the major things we’ve already accomplished, and a new ‘Community’ page on our website that houses Ve’s Beta programme information as well as links to releases and the roadmap.


Senior product designer and Sprint facilitator


  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Product manager
  • Two product designers


Nov 2018 - Nov 2018




Design blitz


The thinking behind our decision

Ve Community was the first project through our new ‘design blitz’ method, meaning it’s an initiative independent of our usual GITA process. Design blitz emphasis speed and cross-department effort without sacrificing output quality.Public product roadmap kicked-off with a four-day Sprint, which is a Google method of answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas. This is a fast way of de-risking a project.
Prioritising the Sprint goals and questions
To align our efforts, the Sprint team decided on one goal and one main question to carry through the week.
  • Sprint goal: in two years time, Ve becomes a ‘best in class’ example of how companies should have two way conversations with their clients
  • Sprint question: are clients interested in the future of our products?

Including Ve's Beta program

A bit of internal research identified a major challenge: how does Ve’s Beta Programme fit into our Public roadmap project? What’s the point in going somewhere if we’re going alone?
Currently, clients sign up to a single Beta product (example: Digital Assistant 2.0, Programatic UX, etc.) rather than a wider Beta Programme. This separates our clients on a product level and doesn’t offer a single place to point interested clients, or keep them up-to-date with our latest releases. Seeing as our goal is to become ‘best in class', we need to unite those who’re using Ve’s products by giving them a place to speak to like-minded people.
Alex Mitchell (product designer) pitching his long-term Sprint goal
Holly (product manager and Sprint 'Decider') making a final decision on Ve Community direction
Through a series of Sprint exercises, we voted on the most feasible first step to bring Public roadmap to life, titled: the simple first solution. This idea separates the Beta Programme from the public roadmap, and creates a ‘community’ that talks about our existing and up-coming products.
Public roadmap provides a glimpse into Ve’s future and shares the major things we’ve already accomplished. The Beta Programme lives within the Community, giving our members access to all our beta products (not just the one they signed up for) and a few other great benefits (see our work with Gtech).
Our goal of ‘best in class’ seems like a far milestone, but this simple approach lets us quickly answer the main Sprint question: are clients interested in the future of our products? In the coming months we’ll be in a more informed position to confidently answer that question and evolve our Community and Public roadmap based on what’s working.
Today, the Community’s focus is growing our Beta Programme. Tomorrow, we hope the Community will cross multiple departments and inspire client / staff events and provide an easy way to share product related news (among other things).


Ve Community ran Ve's design blitz methodology, meaning this project centred around speed. To keep the momentum moving forward, wireframes were based on existing webpage layouts (altering only as needed).
Ve's Career page layout (left) set the base for our Community page (right)